What my clients have to say…

Back in 2014, when we were dating, we were struggling with communication and relationship issues. Our problems affected our lives because they caused stress and anxieties, which created anger and impatience. We were at a turning point, and we had to really find help to get through these issues. We knew there was hope for us, but we needed personal guidance and life coaching. We were referred to Sandy Ireland.

Our favorite aspect of coaching with Sandy was that we learned a great amount of information about ourselves and our personality traits. We learned how to communicate and plan our lives better. It created confidence in our relationship. Not only did we work out critical communication issues, but we were able to learn strategies to help get beyond the issues from our past. Soon after, we were engaged, and then married in 2015!


Sandy Ireland assisted me at one of the most critical points in my life. I had just relocated after 15 years of caregiving for my stroke disabled mother and my dad who was suffering from early Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Their passing was traumatic for me, and in the midst of my grief, I had to re-enter the work force and learn how to communicate and form new business and dating relationships after years of isolation.

Sandy has the patience and advanced training to know a variety of methods and how to teach me to apply them that only comes from a true heart of compassion. She really listens, not just hears, and is able to get to the core cause of her client’s problems while having a non-judgmental way to be honest, and give solutions, remedies, applications, steps to insure growth and healing. A few ways I can describe her demeanor is that Sandy is straightforward, no-nonsense, learned and transparent.

Sandy has helped me get back on my feet again, and make my place in my new life and career. My friendships are stronger, more solid, and I have a deeper understanding of myself and a fresh self-confidence. I have gained so much as a result of her coaching.


Sandy Ireland is an educated, compassionate and caring Coach, who has a heart to help people to heal and find their purpose and destiny.  You could not find a finer person to work with you on the important issues of your life.  Highly recommend her.

Erin C., Orange County

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